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Fred and his pal Barney and family’s thrilling and enjoyable journeys casino Malaysia. Now is the time for us to go into the Stone Age and witness the crazy journeys and dinosaur and human companions of the Flintstones. Join us and let us leap down the collar of a stegosaur, catch big dinosaurs, and learn more about Flintstone slots.

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The best online slot flintstones

We actually waited years for an official slot machine from Flintstones. A conventional grid of five reels and three rows Malaysia bet online, enclosed by a wooden frame and a beautiful cute pterodactyl, has the Flintstones of Playtech. You would be amazed at the amazing soundtrack of the TV show before you even get to see the colours on your phone. But wait for the gorgeous characters on the tiles to appear.

Fred is the highest emblem of award and as the lead character and head of the household. Second is his lovely pal, Barney, and Wilma and Betty’s wives. In comparison, Fred’s favourite ribs, shell phones and card icons are other markers. The Flintstones also have 5 special bonus functionalities. Perhaps the best is the Bowling Bonus from Bedrock, where you choose the bowling style of Fred. The rest is all him who smashes up the streets and brings money to you.

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Design Classic

Now for that classic adjustment. Flintstones is an old-school 3-hub slot by SG Interactive. As you’d imagine, the game has everything you need to call Flintstones slot. In addition, you can encounter the entire Bedrock Gang as separate game icons. Fred, Barney, Wilma, Betty and Dino are there! When you play the slot Flintstones, you feel like you saw the film, just a few days before, and you recall various scenes as you watch all the actors.

Dino isn’t just standing there, as you’d think. He can’t help hop in euphoria, if he sees you playing, and he also awards you with those delicious multipliers. You will be able to meet seven separate bonus rounds along the way, which will greatly improve the odds of winning Mega wins. Whatever the stone age, Bedrock conceals numerous exciting retributions, including up to 25 free spins and a 200x multiplier.

Attractive bonus characteristics

Flintstones Dashing Dino is an excellent contribution to the slot machine series of Flintstones. It is equipped with a fresh specification and is fully mobile. In other words, from your mobile devices you can freely play any slot on Fred Flintstone anywhere. Designed according to the cartoon series, you will meet all the friendly face you saw on the show when playing Flintstones Dashing Dino. 

Welcome to Bedrock is a little different from the previous slots. Welcome to Bedrock. It’s because the latter is impossible to find on online casinos but rather in a true classic casino. It is a very interesting slot from Fred Flintstone and we wanted to list it. The game blends all the above titles and incorporates more flavour. The game combines the above. Again, all your favourite characters are to be seen, except this time, you have the opportunity to see what it really was in daily life during the Stone Age.

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